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We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are dedicated to building your dream home or commercial property. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques to ensure that your project is built to last.

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Quality Services

Land Minning

Safe and efficient land mining.

Building Staffs

Skilled workers for all areas of construction.

Material Supply

Construction materials at competitive prices.


Expert advice for every aspect of your project.


Beautiful and functional building design.

Crane Service

Fleet of cranes for any size or type of project.


Committed to keep people healthy & safe

EJB group of engineers approach an innovative, sustainable power equipment as well as providing fabrication shop, warehousing and staging facilities in every execution of assign projects which embraces usage of low-carbon for economical operation and performances that maximize the use of natural energy but of minimal waste to ensure that from construction to completion, we help clients reach the optimum potential for every project.

We follow best practices

Established standards for safety and efficiency

Transform Communities Across the Globe

With our steady growth and development, we has greatly expanded and stablished our strength and be well known in the market not only in local but in global as well to fully strengthen the construction industry and benefited its population growth by establishing a team of experience engineers, architects and entrepreneurs capable to accept a high level of competition for building and construction field including instrument, automation and renewable energy technology from various areas and environment.

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Our Latest Works

Forbes Way Pines Summer Villas

Sablan, Metro Baguio

Communication Antenna

West Philippine Sea

Iglo Storage Facilities

San Antonio, Zambales

Tabango Water Park

Tabango, Leyte

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